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[In] Visibility

My Work [in]visibility consists of a research on disappearance, loss of Memory and its representation in the art form. This is the result of a series of reshot portraits compiled into a single shot. These images, obtained from the Internet, are published photographs of soldiers who died during their service in Afghanistan. I subsequently attributed: - 1 rectangle for each of the 3485 soldiers who died in Afghanistan since 2001 - 1 colour for each of the 30 countries [ISAF] International Security and Assistance Force - 1 representation per year : 1 compiled soldiers and below the increasing number of fallen by years. By using the faces of these soldiers, this presentation seeks to portray their disappearance through the superposition of images and the diminishment of their size (rendering them into small rectangle, therefore making them less visible) as they disappear in our Memory.Through my work, I encourage deep analysis on the proliferation of these images, the accumulation of information, the loss of Memory and their impact on the public.

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